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A Year of Great Exchange and Authority

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

The Year of Greater Exchange

I know I am not alone when I say that this last year was very painful for many of us. We suffered great losses and hardships and we went through a lot of painful circumstances. This last year broke my heart for many reasons, but the year of 2018 also broke the mold around me. As the Father took us through trials that we didn't plan for, we became stronger and grew in discernment, but we also learned to love even when it hurt.

I keep hearing in the spirit, "New Wine." The crushing was only for a moment but it became an opportunity for growth. The pressing, the crushing, and the molding were all for a purpose greater than we can see. This new year we will be filled to overflowing. The Father emptied out the old and He is refilling us with the new. This will be a year of "Greater Exchange." We will see the Father replace everything that was broken with something new. When He restores something it is always better than before.

I believe many of God's children who have been crying out for a seer gift also experienced some of these challenges last year, but in order for our eyes to be opened and sharpened, the path He chose for us was found in the pressure that came from great battles of affliction. I constantly felt the weight of all the warring in the spirit around me. Oftentimes carrying other peoples' burdens became too much for me. I learned to give it all to my Father. I learned to give the battles to Him, and I learned to praise Him when I felt I was sinking in the sand. I learned to look into His eyes when the water was coming up over my head.

Not only will 2019 be a year of rising above the waters, but it will be a year of "Standing on the Water with God." He is calling us out to deeper measures of faith as He brings greater promotion and opportunities.

The Year of Complete Authority

He does not call a warrior to battle that He does not trust can come out swinging. Just as the Lord chose Joshua to enter the Promised Land, He has chosen many of us to enter our own "Promised Lands." There in the wilderness is where we did not become strong on our own, but where the Lord put His strength in us. I declare this will be your year of "Complete Authority."

Learning my authority in this last season was the one thing that got me through the year. Jesus gave it all for us so we could use what He has given us; so that in the triumph, and in the victory, we can stand tall in all of our battles. We can smile through the pain, we can still carry the joy of the Lord in the most Earth-shattering times.

If you resonate with what I have described above, I want to declare this over you for 2019: You will carry the joy of the Lord like it is your child. You will laugh. You will celebrate like you never lost. You will praise God like you were never hurt. You know who your Father is. He is your source of great strength like Samson. This year, I see many of God's children pushing back obstacles that have stood in the way of moving forward. You will push, push, push! And you will see the reward of your unwavering trust in the Lord.

I hear the Father saying, "You will speak this year and see the mountains move. You will speak to defeat, sadness, discouragement and pain, and you will see life come to the areas that once were gray." I hear the Spirit saying, "Speak into your discouragement." Discouragement always comes right before a big breakthrough. So whenever I feel discouraged now, I start speaking to it and I say, "This will be my biggest breakthrough, and the next will be even bigger!" Speak the opposite of what you feel until you see and feel a shift. You will see the shift this year!

Life-Changing Encounters

Before the year ended, I was in a service at my church. When the pastor came to me and asked me to pray about releasing words of knowledge, a sudden fear took over my body. I felt as if my heart was pounding so much that people would be able to see it if I got up to speak. I prayed and asked God to take the fear of public speaking, and asked Him when I partnered with this fear. He gave me a short vision of sixth grade when I was asked to get up and give a presentation. There was a girl before me and as she was sharing, her face turned bright red and she was shaking while delivering her presentation. So I asked the Father to heal me and I repented for partnering with fear in that instance.

Right in that moment during worship, I was taken into a vision. I was in Heaven, in this beautiful field with Jesus. He bent down and kissed the top of my head while smiling at me. (There's nothing like His smile. It brings healing to the soul.) Together we were scooping up doves from the ground and releasing them into the air. Then He looked into my eyes and said, "Daughter, you were created to release peace." (When He speaks it's as if time and space stand still.) I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. It was such a life-changing encounter. In every word He speaks there are so many revelations. One word can be a thousand revelations.

During that church service the Holy Spirit took over, and we ended up dancing, singing, and crying out to Him. Many were healed of afflictions in that moment. I felt no fear from that point on. As I write this out I feel a release of God's peace over every person who reads this. I see you having encounters like this. I feel the Holy Spirit will minister to you in this moment. You will begin to see what your were created for.

You were created to release peace, love, joy, and kindness. All the fruits of the Spirit are what God destined for us to bring forth into the earth. Anything other than this is not of the Holy Spirit. So if you are seeking the Lord for your destiny, this is a good place to start. Have the Holy Spirit help you release the peace, goodness, and the gold of God. When we bring out the gold in others, God causes us to shine. In that moment when we release His love and peace, we are allowing Him to work through us. He is released through our spirits.

The Year of Exchanging Warfare for Crowns

I had another encounter with the Lord at the start of 2019. I started to feel a heaviness come upon me. I went to the Father and He so lovingly gave me a vision. I saw myself exchanging my warfare for a crown. I could hear Him say, "Exchange your warfare for a crown." In that moment, I remembered I am a King's daughter! I was created to rule with peace and authority. I am royalty. I talk like my Father, I look like my Father, and I rule like my Father.

I feel the Spirit of the Lord saying, "2019 will be a year of the Eagles, Lions, and the Doves taking flight!" We will scope out the lands, we will see things coming before it's time, and we will speak destiny and release peace over the nations. I hear this: "Your losses will become gain, your heartache will turn into joy, your fight will turn into victory, and you will rule with crowing authority!"

I really sense God is wanting us to expand our faith thinking to believe that this year our biggest dreams will come true. God put that dream inside of you for a reason and a purpose and "it's time." This will be a year of standing on the water with the Father! Things will come at you but you will not be moved. You will just stand and have faith. You will know when to speak, when to move and when to go forward. Ministering angel's have been sent out on your behalf. Just receive all that He has for you. Exchange all the baggage, warfare, and past hurts for your crown.

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