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What the Lord Revealed for the Next 3 Months

A Releasing of What Has Been Stolen

In this past month of July, I have had many encounters with the Lord, but I have also had many moments of intense battle and warring in my spirit. I have experienced the loss of things that were stolen from me. During this time, I began to pray and cry out but nothing was happening. That's when the Father reminded me to go boldly before the courts of Heaven.

So, by faith, I went there and started demanding that all which had been stolen from me be released. That very same day, things started being released and given back to me; stuff that had been missing for a long time. The Spirit of the Lord showed me that in this time of intense pain, the very things belonging to His people which have been held up, are going to be let loose. I heard Him say, "My righteous justice will be served." I could see multitudes of people, with hands raised to the heavens, receiving all of the things God had for them. Things stolen, things taken, things forgotten, but also gifts.

3 Months of Open Heavens

Heaven is open over the earth right now, so as a decree goes forth, God's people will receive quickly. I could see that many have been wrestling and fighting like Jacob. I could see His children worn out and scared in battle. Then I could see the clouds begin to part and the heavens open up.

I heard the Father say, "As Abel's blood cried out to Me from the ground, I hear the cries of My children, and the earth is crying out now. The earth is having great birth pains, and the earth is groaning for My return.

"The earth is going through an intense process of old things being shaken, and things hidden being shaken. Nothing can hide from the light of My glory. This must all happen before I lay a new foundation. The earth is crying for My justice. You will see soon, I will make all things new."

I heard Him say that for the next three months, the heavens are being opened over the earth. Then I saw the Lord casting His shadow over the earth, and He told me that there will be many "Jacob encounters."

He said, "My children who have been wrestling and fighting against their calling will be renamed. Identity is being released over the nations. I want them to know Me, and hear My heart."

In Genesis 32:22, Jacob wrestled and fought an angel until the sun came up, because he refused to let go until he got his blessing. Jacob said, "I will not let you go unless you bless me!" Then the man said, "Your name shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel, for you have striven with God and with men, and have prevailed" (Genesis 32:28). From this story the Father has shown me that His heart is for restoration. His heart is for us to know who He is, but also to know who He calls us to be.

You Will Find Your Victory Under the Shadow of His Wings

We are His children and we are not what the world labels us to be. We are a holy, chosen generation marked by His love. His heart is groaning for us. Our Father longs for His children. He wants us to know who we are so we can walk in the power that He has given us. I see His presence sweeping over the nations like a rushing wind, and a force that will create transformation.

Psalms 91 reminds us that those who go to the Lord Most High for safety, will be protected by the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, "You are my place of safety and protection. You are my God and I put my trust in You." There is a place where we can go...under the shadow of His wings.

I declare today that everything you have been wrestling with or believing for is being released to you today! I decree that everything be loosed, just as rushing water flow, under the shadow of His wings. I can see destiny rising in you. I can see Heaven releasing the glory over you. Everything that was taken from you will be given back as you declare it to be released, in Jesus name! Now is the time for your victory. Pain may come in the night but joy comes in the morning.

I see the Father singing songs over us; songs of deliverance, songs of joy, and songs of His love. As the earth continues to groan, we will find our hearts responding to His everlasting love. Do not grow weary in this hour, as you are about to see great breakthroughs come to pass in your life.

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