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"The Eagle Has Landed – Justice Is Here"

The last couple of months the Father has been speaking to me a lot about eagles. Since 2017, when I went on a twenty one day fast, the Lord has been talking about taking back the land. He truly wants us to obtain what is rightfully ours. We all have a destiny filled with promise. He wants us to walk in that as He is taking back everything that is His.

With Fire in His Eyes

On October 24th I was in my secret place with the Father, just sitting in His presence, when I was taken into a profound vision. To my right I could see a beautiful, large white eagle. He was looking at me with fire in his eyes. I watched him begin to soar through the sky and through the clouds. Then within the next few moments, I watched his giant wings flapping upwards into the air as he landed on top of the White House.

I just watched as he sat there, and I wondered what it all meant. I could feel an excitement in my spirit, like there was a major change coming. When I came out of this vision, I asked the Lord what it meant. He replied to me, "I'm reestablishing My justice. I'm overturning laws and I'm taking back My people."

The next morning I woke up, got out my Bible and, not even intentionally turning to this Scripture passage, the Father led me right to Deuteronomy 32:11, "As an eagle stirs up its nest and hovers over its young, he spread his wings to catch them and carried them on his pinions." The Lord was confirming the vision that I saw the night before.

Taking Back What Is Ours

The Father is telling us: the shifting is here! He is not only protecting His children but He is coming to the rescue of His beloved. White signifies purity. The Lord is purging and bringing purification to our nation in all things, even the lives of His children, and the Body of Believers. Because of the prayers of those who have humbled themselves to pray, the Father has given us this time in history to rise up as sons and daughters of God to take back what is ours.

The Father is resurrecting Christ in our nation, in our schools, in our government, in our media, and in our laws. God is taking back the order of His agenda, not man's. Two days after I had this vision, Amy Barrett was voted into the position of Supreme Court Justice. The Lord is bringing justice back – His justice. I believe this new year is the year of the eagle in flight.

God Is Bringing Together His Justice Swiftly

God is bringing together His justice swiftly. We are about to see one of the biggest marks in history take place. God's people are rising up to take back what belongs to us. As the Father comes alongside us to take back what belongs to Him, the Father is opening a brand new door to a brand new day, and into a brand new era; where Christians are rising to take their place.

The Lord spoke to me a couple of months ago, and He told me when certain laws are overturned we will see the biggest waves of revival take place. I believe that people who have waited for a long time to be healed will suddenly be healed. I believe that some will see an overturning in justice, not just in the natural but the supernatural. Those that have been held back by oppression will break out of the mold and be used mightily by the Lord in this season. Holiness is coming back, as well as purity and prayer.

We will see Christians rallying together, marching, and declaring the Word of the Lord. We will see many salvations and prodigals returning home. I declare that you and your house shall all be saved. Everything that's been held up will be released to you. I declare finances restored. I see families reuniting. I see a double increase of miracles coming. The Lord is gathering up His children like an eagle gathers her chicks. He is faithful!

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