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Partner with Heaven and See Your True Value

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Dream Encounter: You Are Chosen

Recently, I had an encounter with the Father while in my sleep. He began speaking Scriptures over me and I kept hearing Ephesians 1:12 which says, "We are the first people who hoped in Christ and we were chosen so that we would bring praise to God's glory." He woke me up saying, "You are chosen." Many are called but very few are chosen. We are here to be a people that brings glory to God. The world needs more people to be the unique individuals that God created them to be.

Partnering with Heaven

There is a prayer, which I began speaking over my life every morning, that has completely changed my life. Now when I wake up in the morning I ask, "God, what are You doing today?" And then I partner with Him and I partner with Heaven for my day. My perspective supernaturally changed on how I see everything. I even have more joy because when things look dark and there is warfare, I choose to look at what God is doing instead of the enemy. I feel His presence everywhere I go after praying this prayer.

When we partner with Heaven we are making a conscious decision to partner with God and the truth. In doing this, it does not give much room for other things to come against us. When we truly look for God in everything we will find Him. We look for the Holy Spirit to speak to us through Scripture, even through finding hidden revelations that are not seen by just the top layers of the Word. There is depth to everything the Father speaks; there are endless words and favor that He wants to bestow upon us as we search for Him in every moment.

Two Five-Dollar Bills

After praying this prayer the very first day, I had such an encounter that I almost dropped to my knees. I was getting ready to go to a friend's house when it felt like a heavenly portal opened up right over me, and I began to have a vision of when I was around four years old.

In this vision, I was at my most favorite place in the world, my grandpa's house. My grandpa was my most favorite person because he was someone who looked me in the eyes as a child and told me he loved me. He was the only person who could get my attention. I valued him so much because he valued me.

While I was seeing this vision, I began to inquire of the Father as to why I was seeing it. He then took me in deeper, and I started to remember a specific time when all of my family was gathered at my grandparent's house. My grandfather brought out these old, valuable coins and started giving them away to all my cousins who were jumping and screaming because they were so excited to be given gifts.

A memory pierced my heart in that moment as I remembered that all of my cousins were given gifts except for me. I got really upset and began crying to my grandfather. He then walked into his bedroom, came back out and gave me two five-dollar bills from another country. You would think I would have been happy, but I still was looking around at what everyone else was given.

Look to the Giver, Not the Gift

God spoke in that moment and said, "It's the same with today; I give all of My children gifts but they are too busy looking at what everyone else has so they do not see the value of what I have placed in them."

I was getting wrecked at this point, and I start asking the Lord, "I bet my gift was more valuable then those coins." At first He did not answer me, but a few moments later He said, "You have held onto those five-dollar bills your entire life, not because of the value of the gift, but because you valued the one who gave you the gift." In this moment my heart shattered. I realized the orphan mentality was still being broken off of me. When we recognize that our gifts are not as important as the One who gives the gifts, and that we are valuable because He is valuable and has placed His value in us, there is nothing that we can't do. Each one of us is made to be a special, unique individual. Our gifts don't define us but His love defines us. This is when Heaven rejoices over us. This is when we get to walk in realms that are not of this earth. All we have to do is be His kids and He works out the rest.

This word is for many of you who have not felt valued, you have not felt validated, and you have felt forgotten and overlooked. Today is a new day for you. I declare that your eyes will be opened to a new heavenly perspective and that you will see how special and unique you are in who the Father made you to be.

I declare that mouths that have been silenced are being raised up in this hour and that your voices will be heard. I see treasures being unlocked in this season and ears starting to hear the sounds of Heaven as we begin to partner with what Heaven has for us.

Financial miracles are taking place and endless amounts of favor are being poured out. May you find justice and repayment of all losses in this season in Jesus' name. You are valuable and Heaven knows your name!

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