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Get Ready for a Triumphant Movement!

I hear the Lord say, "Get ready for the triumphant movement! For those of you who are still standing in this hour—the leaders, pioneers, prophets, and forerunners who have been carrying the weight, the heaviness and the pushback...those who have been mocked and ridiculed—behold, a fresh, new wind and fire is being released upon you now! Discouragement always comes before the victory! A movement is being born out of the ashes of despair!"

A Preparation and a Separation

"...Behold, I send My messenger before Your face, who will prepare Your way before You. The voice of one crying in the wilderness: 'Prepare ye the way of the Lord; make His paths straight.'" (Mark 1:2-3). Before a move of God, there is always a preparation and a separation. Those of you who have struggled with mental clarity, get ready to see the redeeming power of God!

John was seen as the crazy one out in the wilderness; can you imagine how he felt knowing something was coming? A savior, the Messiah...he was prophesying something never seen before out of faith. Can you imagine how he felt the moment Jesus walked up to him and asked to be baptized by him?

I hear the Lord say, "There will be a people who will be vindicated for continuing to believe and stand upon what I have shown them. There will be those who are rewarded through the testing and the trials, even though many turned aside and began to ridicule in disbelief. THIS IS A SEASON OF A NEW, TRIUMPHANT SOUND!"

Like a Tribe of Elephants and a Band of Warriors

Lately, I have been dreaming about elephants. Biblically, elephants can represent a huge move of God—a great impact! Elephants never leave each other; they link together and they value family. The older ones starve before letting the little ones go hungry, and they are truly strong and stable. They represent longevity. I see them as a tribe outlasting the attacks of the enemy; they are thick skinned and resilient overcomers. I believe this is a representation of what the Lord is saying to the prophetic voices in this hour.

Many of you are sensitive and have been hearing correctly. I want to encourage you to stay standing on the words of the Lord. The enemy has tried to take many of you off of the course, but I hear the Lord say that He is making the path strait for you.

I want to encourage you not to isolate but begin to link up with like-minded friends. The Lord says that for all of the loss, He is bringing Kingdom families together at this time who will stand as a band of warriors. They will have each others' backs and they will stand together through the storms of the enemy. Kingdom family will be emerging over these next few months, and this will be a strand, a cord of strong prophetic voices who will trumpet the sounds of victory!

I heard the Lord say that as a sign, their words will come to pass quickly, right before the eyes of the mockers. Hope is being released even to those of you who have been attacked in your bodies and minds like never before. The storm is lifting; keep your eyes on Jesus. He is faithful and He will bring you through.

I saw a veil being removed in the Spirit and I heard the Lord say, "I am removing the blinders from those that the enemy has tricked and blindsided." God never looses a battle, even when it looks like the enemy has won.

It's Time to Move Forward

Psalm 21:8-12 says, "Your almighty hands have captured your foes. You uncovered all who hate You and You seized them. When You appear before them, unveiling the radiance of Your face, they will be consumed by the fierce fire of Your presence. Yahweh's flames will swallow them up. They and their descendants will be destroyed by an unrelenting fire. We will watch them fail, for these are the ones who plan their evil schemes against the Lord. They will turn and run at the sight of Your judgment-arrows aimed straight at their hearts."

It is a time to look on and move forward. The Lord God almighty will defend His children. It is His promise to us. He is fighting for our victory!

You will come out stronger, more anointed, more thankful, more resilient, more triumphant, and more hungry than ever before. What tried to destroy you has only made you a triumphant warrior!

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