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Signs that you need deliverance from an Orphan spirit and Root of Rejection

It's so important for your future and success in life. I have gotten freedom from some of these in the past and it made a huge difference in my life.

You lavish love on people but when they don't give back what you expect you start questioning them. (People do this to me all the time). Delete me when I don't have time to answer every single message. Or people get mad because someone forgets to text you back or meet with them.

You put to high of expectations on people .

Always feel left out or like people are talking about you .

Feel the need to perform for love .

When you don’t get your way, you go from church to church .

If people don't message you back you feel unloved, unwanted and you try to manipulate them by control.

You go into a church expecting everyone to recognize your gifts and want to be in the spotlight, Have a need to be seen instead of serve.

You always feel left out and look at other peoples lives and wish you had a life like the one they have (this is a huge no no), you have no idea what they have walked through. This is major Orphan.

This is simple to be delivered from.

You must form a relationship with Jesus Christ so he can pour identity into you. You must see that you are accepted and loved and don't need to do anything special to be loved and accepted. JESUS WANTS TO BREAK THIS SPIRIT OFF OF YOU IT CAUSES POVERTY, BROKENESS AND ENVY. It causes strife and sadness. PAPA WANTS you to see how loved you are .But first you must see how he is love. God promotes obedience and faithfulness.

I have a swing in heaven he pushes me on this is the place he takes me and has broken off every lie of this world. This is a place he wants to take you as well .Are you willing to give him your time?

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