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A Shift in Destiny: It's Our Time to March

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

A couple of weeks ago, I awoke from the most beautiful dream. I was inviting everyone to a wedding celebration – it was a renewing of vows. I was running around inviting everyone. I was calling up all my old friends and I was filled with so much excitement, but in the next moment, some people were telling me that they could not make it. My heart began to sink. I started to become sad and worried that people were going to miss out. Then it was as if the Lord shifted my direction. Then I heard that there is a shift in perspective coming. The Lord is pouring oil upon old mindsets.

Away in the distance, I could see my dress hanging in an open field. I noticed that it was not white but it was the most beautiful bright blue I had ever seen. The Father was causing my attention to be fixed upon the beauty and elegance of this dress and what was ahead, instead of worrying about the people who were missing out on the most glorious celebration.

I woke up and the Father was speaking to me about keeping our eyes fixed upon Him more than ever before, especially with everything going on around us. Now is a time to really lay our lives down at the feet of Jesus. It is a time to put away our flesh so that the next move of the Holy Spirit can come.

The Lord Is Calling You Out!

Blue can signify revelation. As I thought about the blue dress in the dream, the Father began to speak to me about how we are all unique in our own way, and how nobody can put on a dress and look the same. God is calling people out in their uniqueness to display His glory in so many different ways right now. His heart is for you to shine in His glory.

I feel like the Father is saying that women will champion new things this year. They will have new ideas and fresh revelations from the throne room. I think of Amelia Earhart when I write this, and how she was the first woman to fly an airplane. Even though it was very risky and scary, and she did not know the end outcome, she pushed through all the naysayers and the people who said she could not do it. She was a pioneer of her time. She was a person that was not going to give up no matter what was going on around her. I feel like her story is so significant for many right now.

The Lord has called you out to step into higher grounds. He's called you to believe for greater things. Maybe He's asked you to do something that has never been done. I feel the Holy Spirit leaping for joy over you. He's saying, "It's time! It's time to go for that dream; it's time to step out. It's time to risk it all and take bigger risks. Without trying you will never know." You may start something new, and you may impact your generation. You may change your city and you may reach millions of souls for the Kingdom of God.

It's Time to March!

Our son, Samuel, heard God's voice for the first time so loudly that it put the fear of God in him. He was in his room a few weeks ago when he first heard the Lord speak. He called him by name and He said, "Samuel, can you hear Me?" Samuel replied, "Yes, I can hear You." Then the Father replied, "Samuel, I'm coming soon!"

Then a few days later, we were having a meeting at our house, and Samuel was just sitting in the living room as we were praying and worshiping when he heard the Father again. He called out his name! "Samuel, can you hear Me?" Samuel replied, "Yes." Then the Lord told him to get up! He said, "Get up and march." Samuel did not know what to do, so he stood up and was immediately taken into a vision he described to me.

He saw all of us going outside in all the neighborhoods, joining hands and marching around in the streets, waving flags and praising God. He said, "Mom, it was like that story in the Bible where they marched around the city and the walls came down."

I believe the Lord was showing him that we are all going to have to join together, in the coming months, in unification. We will need to march, pray, praise and worship to see the walls come down – the walls of disunity that the enemy has placed all around us.

God is speaking to the children and those that will listen. We must get up and act, not just believe that everything is going to be OK. We must exercise our faith in this hour. What the enemy meant for evil will be turned around for our good. I believe God is placing trumpets in the mouths of people that will be pure conduits of His Holy Spirit.

Walk into Your Destiny

I declare to you today that the chains of the past are falling off so that you can walk into your destiny. You were born for this moment; you will be used. You will carry a mantle of authority. I prophesy to you that you will be God's trumpet used to change the atmosphere and speak to the nations! Arise in the glory and power of God.

I pray that God will guide you in this next year and that there will be no more limitations, and nothing will hold you back in Jesus' name! First published on July 6, 2020 on ElijahList

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